At The 2010 LLA Conference

Successful Transitions: How Librarians Can Help Prepare Students for College Research

This panel discussion was well-attended even thought it was both added late and held in the upstairs Mezzanine. The attendees were very clearly interested in the issues discussed.

Chair Debra Rollins and the rest of ACRLLA encourage anyone consider joining our School to College Transitions committee.

• Scholar Librarian of the Year Award

ACRL-LA is honored to honor Steve Bensman with the second Scholar Librarian of the Year Award. Steve Bensman is an Associate Librarian at the Middleton Library at Louisiana State University and won for his article, co-authored with Loet Leydesdorff (Amsterdam School of Communications Research), "Definition and Identification of Journals as Bibliographic and Subject Entities: Librarianship Versus ISI Journal Citation Reports Methods and Their Effect on Citation Measures" in the Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (Vol. 60, no. 6 (June 2009) 1097-1117).

This award will return in the future, so click here to find out more about the award and how to nominate someone!

ACRL-LA Meet & Greet at LLA

The Academic Section of LLA and the Louisiana Section of ACRL had drinks, crackers, cheese, and meatballs. The Scholar Librarian of the Year Award, was first presented and ACRL-LA reported on its goings-on.

Pictures & Video

You can see event Photos on Flickr.

(Unfortunately, my rechargeable camera batteries are getting too old; I recharged them before I left home and they were still running low. So I don't have a lot of pictures or videos. But if anyone else does and wants to add them to our page, let me know! -- Karen Niemla)

ACRL-LA Meet & Greet & Awards, 2010

(This won't be on our YouTube page. YouTube can't host videos longer than 10 minutes, so we're hosting our own video)

LLA General Session with the Dewey Deci-Belles

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