The ACRL-LA/LLA Academic Award for Outstanding Librarianship

This award recognizes an academic librarian for service and/or original research relevant to academic libraries and/or higher education.

The winner will be chosen by a joint LLA Academic/ACRL-LA committee. Librarians with academic or faculty appointments at Louisiana universities, colleges, and professional schools of higher education are eligible for consideration. Recently retired librarians may also be considered. Nominees should be characterized by the following:

1. Active participation in professional activities
2. Research activity relevant to academic libraries and/or higher education, shared with other Louisiana academic librarians (either through publication or public presentations), which enriches the ability of library users to more fully utilize current information resources and technologies
3. Contributions of value to librarianship as a whole, not to individual persons or institutions. Work should be profound or of wide interest, and easily accessible, so that the profession may benefit from it.
4. Applicants should be members of ACRL-LA or LLA.

The winner will be chosen by a committee of four persons, two members from Academic section of LLA and two from ACRL-LA. In years when no qualifying nominations are received, no award will be made.

Rev. 9/2015
Dr. Patricia Brown

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