Minutes of the ACRL/LA - Executive Board
October 23, 1998

Minutes of the ACRL/LA Chapter Executive Board Meeting held Friday, October 23, 1998, at the Sims Memorial Library on the Southeastern Louisiana University campus in Hammond, Louisiana, from 10:00 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.

Attendance: Nancy Khoury, Eric Johnson, Angela Reaux, David Duggar

Coffee and donuts were provided.

ACRL Legislative Liaison:

No report received


Report received. Kathie Bordelon still working on the archives.

Constitution & Bylaws:

Report received. Judy Irvin had no amendments or other changes for the Chapter's constitution and bylaws after the massive revamping last year.


Report received. Normally the directory comes out every two years in the Fall but we have changed the Chapter's time line in changing the membership year from January-December to July-June. Janette Griffin could have the 1999 Directory ready for the February workshop or the LLA conference in March. It was decided to aim for LLA in March in Baton Rouge, giving her more time and the Chapter time to clear out the inventory of the 1997 Directory. Also consider selling the 1999 Directory at the ALA conference in June 1999 in New Orleans.

LLA Liaison:

Report received. Anna Burns notes that there are many programs planned for what appears to be a very informative conference. The breakfast of the Academic/ACRL Breakfast business meeting will not occur this year, as the cost was prohibitive for a breakfast. The joint business meeting presently does not have a fixed day and time.


Report received. Rebecca Malek-Wiley was e-mailing out copies of the current ACRL/La Chapter membership list (David had print-out of it at the meeting). It is current through September 1998. At the July meeting, we had 184 members (167 personal members). Since then only 6 new members (2 National, 3 State, 1 Student) have joined and only 7 (4 National, 2 State, 1 Student) have renewed. The question of when to drop non-renewed members was raised by Rebecca. The suggestion from the Board was to send renewal reminders to the State and Student members (not National members) and to drop all non-renewed members as of December 31, 1998 from the membership list.

Membership Recruitment:

No report received.


No report. A discussion was had on when to do the next newsletter. The last one was this Spring. The next one should be mailed out the first week of January and contain, besides reports and letters from Chapter officers/committees, the registration form for the Chapter Program in February and information on the Chapter meeting at LLA in March.

Nominations and Elections:

A discussion on time line for nominations and holding the election of officers for the 1999-2000 year and whether this could be done in time to have the results announced in March at LLA. It was felt that this was possible. Eric Johnson, Vice-President/President-Elect, will appoint the committee to start seeking candidates.


Report received. David Cargill had nothing to report at this time.

Student Liaison:

Report received. Angela is distributing membership forms at LSU SLIS and asking faculty to mention the Chapter and encourage students to attend the Chapter's Program in February.


Report received. David Duggar reported that we received $110 in Reimbursement from National ACRL this year. Question was asked if we wanted to make a donation to the SLIS Scholarship Fund again. Decision to wait until after the February program before deciding. Financially we are great and are only $300 under our closing balance from December 31, 1997 (great considering we did not hold a program during the 1998 calendar year). Our balance as of October 22, 1998, is $2,606.14.


Eric Johnson passed out a map of the University Center where the program will be held and schedule for the program. Eleven proposals were received. One was declined as it was felt the survey for which the paper would cover might not be completed by the program date. That person was asked to resubmit for presentation next year. Two others were similar in nature and so asked to combine, giving Nine presentations for the symposium. None of the presentations address Technical Services (one area of the library without any coverage). Nancy Khoury will do the welcome turning over to Eric Johnson for facility and intro to the keynote speaker. Charles Kratz is the Keynote speaker. There will be a fifteen minute break between each of the four sessions with presentations falling as such: 2, 3, 2, 2. A program on Stress and Humor will be given during the lunch. The menu is being decided. Registrations prices are currently $12 for chapter members and $15 for non-members. Pre-registrations must be postmarked by January 29, 1999. All registrations will go to SLU. Parking tags, campus travel information/map, and the last of the 1997 Directories will be mailed out to registrants. Eric will send in a notice about the symposium to College & Research Libraries News (as the October issue listed many of the Chapters' meeting dates and locations). The Chapter Symposium is scheduled for February 26, 1999, at SLU in Hammond from 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Papers for each presentation are to be submitted again to the LLA Bulletin.

Past President:

Report received. Sue Forrest reported that responses to the request for Proposals for the ACRL Incentive Grant was poor. Only one proposal was received for the Louisiana Council of Teachers of English and was presented in October. The presenter reported that attendance was small. Only one other proposal was received and will be presented at both the Louisiana Historic Association and Louisiana Academy of Sciences meetings in February and March 1999. It was asked if papers from these presentations could be written and submitted to the LLA Bulletin. That might help generate ideas for proposals if future grants/programs funded. A more detailed report on the Incentive Grant will be added to the agenda for the LLA meeting.


Nancy Khoury reported that we are incorporated as of July 2, 1998. She submitted a report to ACRL but nothing for the Chapter appeared in the Fall issue of Chapter Topics. She will send something directly to them for the next issue. The web page for the Chapter is working fine. There is a link to the Chapter's web page from the National web page. We need to look at having a link from our web page to the National web page and also a link to the LLA web page and from the LLA web page to our web page.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

David Duggar, Secretary

October 26, 1998