Minutes of the ACRL/LA - Executive Board July 14, 1998

Minutes of the ACRL/LA Executive Board Meeting, was held Tuesday, July 14, 1998, at the Arnold LeDoux Library on the LSU-Eunice campus, in Eunice, Louisiana from 10:00 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.

Attendance: Nancy Khoury, Janette Griffin, Rebecca Malek-Wiley, Cindi Hayes, Sue Forrest, Mona Niffenegger, Barbara Vaughn, David Duggar, Eric Johnson.

Niffenegger (our new newsletter editor) is now the Reference/Social Sciences Librarian at LSU Middleton Library. Her new address is:

Mona Niffenegger
Middleton Library
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Chapter Goals:

Khoury distributed copy of goals for 98-99. Suggestion by Niffenegger to change "Maintain the Web Page" to "Enhance the Web Page". Forrest moved, Griffin seconded, motion to accept goals with change approved.

1998-99 Goals are:

a. Strengthen ties with national ACRL

b. Incorporate state chapter

c. Increase membership

d. Increase treasury

e. Continue working with library school students

f. Enhance the web page

g. Carry out a successful annual meeting

The chapter's chief goal is to "Strengthen ties with National ACRL" which falls in line with the national goal of, "Strengthen ties with Chapters." The La Chapter received lots of praise at the two Chapter Council meetings (Midwinter and Annual) for programs by Lee Hisle, Past President of ACRL, and for the grant topic funded.

Web page will continue to be managed by Forrest this year. There is a link to our web page from the national web page; a reverse link from us to them will be added. Also, the chapter's newsletter on the web will be attempted.

ACRL Grant Initiative:

Forrest reported that "The New Roles of Librarians" was funded by ACRL for $1500 to send librarians to the annual meetings of the Louisiana Historical Association (March 1999 in Baton Rouge); Louisiana Council of Teachers of English (October 9-10, 1998 in New Orleans); Louisiana Academy of the Sciences (February 5, 1999 in Monroe). A call for proposals was mailed to each Chapter member at the beginning of June. A reminder letter was sent to academic library directors last week. The deadline for proposals is July 30, with selection made by August 31. None have been received yet. Please submit a proposal or strongly encourage others at your institutions to do so.

Officer Reports:

Past President - Sue Forrest

The Chapter's annual report was filed. Contributions were also made to the Spring issue of Chapter Topics (this may appear on the national web page). The 9th National ACRL Conference is in Detroit in April. Registration, including 3 meals, is only $255.

Treasurer- David Duggar:

A copy of the treasurer's report was distributed. As of June 30, 1998 we have $2391.14 (once check for chapter incorporation fee clears the bank). Four renewals for the 1998-99 year have been received. Membership Forms to go out in the next issue of the newsletter.

Committee Reports-Khoury:

Archives - Khoury reported that the chapter's archives were delivered to Kathie Bordelon. Decision on a central location for the chapter's archives will need to be made in the future.

Constitution & Bylaws - The chapter's constitution and bylaws were approved as amended at the chapter's November 14, 1997 meeting. Khoury reported that Judy Irvin believes this to be a 'quiet' year for this committee. There was discussion to include the constitution and bylaws in future issues of the Directory, or possibly on the web page, or both.

Directory - Janette Griffin reported that the last Directory was published in October 1997. The next one is slated for October 1999. This year is a year of collecting corrections and changes and considering what to add to the directory (constitution & bylaws, membership form, denote members with *). Discussion on how to make available membership changes of address information was held and decision was made to publish these in the newsletter. Discussion on how to get member's address changes and the decision was made to include a place on the web page to email changes to the Membership Records Chair, Rebecca Malek-Wiley, who would send corrections to those committees and officers needing them.

Membership Records - Rebecca Malek-Wiley reported that we have 174 members (17 institutional and 167 individual, which break down into 119 national, 40 state, 5 student, and 3 unknown status). 45 of the 119 national members had submitted a membership form giving more detailed information than what was received from the national report. We are also now on the July-June cycle approved in the amending of the constitution and bylaws on November 14, 1997.

Membership Recruitment - Cindi Hayes reported that roughly 1/6 of librarians listed in the Directory are ACRL members. She has been targeting those who are not members and distributed a copy of the recruitment letter that has been sent out via email.

Newsletter - Mona Niffenegger is getting the mailing label list from Cathy Tijerino. It will need to be cross-checked against the Membership list Malek-Wiley has for complete updates. Discussion was held on what to include in each issue. The last issue was the Winter 1998, which was distributed in March. There will be two issues for the 1998-99 year, in early-mid August 1998 and late March 1999 after the LLA Conference.

Nominations & Elections - To be filled later.

Publicity - No report.

Liaison to the Louisiana Library Association - Khoury reported that Anna Burns reported that the Academic Section was working on the annual joint Academic/ACRL breakfast meeting at the LLA conference in March. The conference will be held March 16-19, 1999, in Baton Rouge at the Radisson with the Embassy Suites for spillover. Alma Dawson is the Conference Program Chair. Duggar distributed notes from the 1997 LLA

Conference Academic/ACRL breakfast meeting held in Shreveport.

Student Liaison - Barbara Vaughn reported on creation and distribution of shades of purple membership forms to students at LSU SLIS, especially the Academic Libraries class. There is a need to continue to push ACRL membership to the SLIS faculty as well as the students. There has been a 20% increase in students over the past year attending LSU SLIS and student body has changed greatly with changes in computer technology. Vaughn graduated in May; Dean Boyce will be suggesting a new liaison from the student body in the Fall.

ACRL Legislative Liaison - No report.


Eric Johnson has a committee of 8 at SLU working on the next ACRL/La Chapter program. At this time it is tentatively scheduled for Friday, February 26, 1999, at SLU in Hammond. The theme is "Bringing It All Home" and will cover practical ideas and applications that people can take back and implement. Plans include 10 sessions with a keynote speaker and a luncheon speaker. Program will be held at the University Center with lunch at the Alumni Center and tour of the library. Charles Kratz, LAMA Past President, from University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, will be the keynote speaker.

Fran Middleton from Nicholls will be the lunch speaker. She will have a lighter topic "Humor and Stress." At this point the committee is looking at 45 minute sessions with 15 minute breaks between each activity. A short business meeting can be added during the lunch. Program will be 9:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. with registration starting at 8:00 a.m. Timeline is: July 15 call for papers; September 15 deadline for proposals; October 1 final decision on proposals; December 1 mailing for program announcement and registration; January 29 pre-registration deadline. The call for proposals will include suggestions for tracks/topics based on the broad theme. Cost looks to be $13-$15. The chapter will need to cover the plane fare for Dr. Kratz. Discussion on honorarium took place.

The papers from the 1997 ACRL/La Chapter program were published in the Winter issue of the LLA Bulletin. Johnson will contact Mary Cosper LeBouef, editor of the Bulletin about submitting the papers from the 1999 ACRL/La Chapter program for publication.

News from ACRL National:

Khoury attended the Chapter Council at ALA in Washington, DC. Chapters of ACRL are no longer required to hold an annual meeting. The 2001 National ACRL meeting will be in Denver. There is a listserv for ACRL: acrl_frm.

The national board has approved to raise chapter allotment for each member from .75 to $1.00/ national member for chapters. The date of effect is not known. Also as part of the recruitment campaign, there is a $10 'finders fee' for each new member to join National ACRL that may go to the chapter. Dates for this are not clear.

At the end of the conference was a session on how to incorporate a chapter. Khoury got the papers from the La. Secretary of State, employer identification number from the IRS, and fee ($60) from chapter and mailed this off. She and Kathie Bordelon are listed as the incorporators on the forms. We are incorporating with the state to handle legal liability. A one-time insurance policy for the chapter's meeting was discussed and Johnson will look into this. A discussion about tax exempt status, pros and cons to filing for this, was discussed. Johnson moved, Duggar seconded, and was passed to not pursue tax exempt status at this time.

Other Business:

Khoury mentioned for those looking at going to ALA Midwinter to double check the dates as these appear to have changed (January 28-Feb 1 now) and the location may also have changed (Philadelphia or San Antonio).

The next board meeting was tentatively set for Friday, October 16, 1998, at 10:00 a.m. at the SLU Library in Hammond. Forrest moved, Griffin seconded, and was passed to make $255 (registration fee) available to the Chapter President to attend the ACRL

National Conference in Detroit in April, 1999.

David Duggar, Secretary

July 15, 1998