Minutes of the ACRL/LA Executive Board Meeting
Friday, September 24, 1999 Wetlands Research Center
Lafayette, Louisiana

10:00 am - 11:30

Attendance: Kathie Bordelon, McNeese; Anna Burns, LSU-Alexandria; Janette Griffin, UNO: Judy Irwin, Louisiana Tech; Nancy Khoury, McNeese; Eric Johnson, SLU; Amy Mather, LSU-SLIS (student representative); Norma Martin, LSU; Matt Paris, Louisiana Tech; Laverne Simoneaux, SLU; and Rebecca Stenzel, Louisiana Tech.

Coffee and Donuts were provided. Welcome and Introductions

I. Johnson asked each board member to introduce him/herself.

II Treasurer’s Report.

Report received. Laverne Simoneaux reported that we received $ 466.00 in Reimbursement from ACRL National and $ 45.00 in Directory Sales and Memberships. Our Balance as of September 24, 1999 is $ 3011.08.

III. Web Site Updating

Simoneaux brought up her confusion about the ACRL/LA website and the protocol for updating. Khoury stated that Stacey Magedanz was the webmaster and all updates need to be sent to her. Simoneaux will send updated information to Magedanz

IV. Membership Report

Eric Johnson discussed the push from ACRL National for recruitment of new members in ACRL and in the field of academic librarianship. Possible ways to encourage individuals to enter academic librarianship include sponsoring "shadow a Librarian" for library science students or library student workers. Burns mentioned a successful high school program sponsored by a local school board. Johnson planning to ask for LLA support. Possible ideas include an essay contest with sponsorship.

Concerning ACRL/LA membership. Janette will cc: (carbon copy) new hire information to Simoneaux. Possible ideas include E-mail or snail mail campaign. Burns noted that any message should be part of the body of the message and not an attachment. She has had a difficult time accessing attachments. The idea of naming a campus contact for each Research and Academic Library was discussed. These designated contacts will approach non-members and new hires to join ACRL/LA. Simoneaux is currently cross-checking ACRL/LA Directory and our membership list to identify potential new members. List and membership forms should be ready by joint meeting to distribute to campus contacts. The contacts could be identified by directors or by asking for volunteers at annual meeting.

It was noted that the joint meeting is a wonderful opportunity for new members. A membership table will be available at both meetings to attract new members. Ribbons or stickers were mentioned to identify current members. Martin will locate ACRL ribbons.

Irwin mentioned the possibility of a formal renewal notice sent annually. A fixed renewal period could possibly take place in June. Form could be e-mailed. A Renewal Form could be e-mailed to everybody. Malek-Wiley to send copy of membership lists to all board members.

Johnson stated a combination of both personally contacting members and a formal mailing may be best. Burns will urge other directors to cooperate with our membership drive. The idea of a possible award honoring the campus with the highest percentage of membership was mentioned.

Johnson noted that Mona Niffenegger, newsletter chair, is no longer at LSU. He suggested approaching Sigrid Kelsey as a possible replacement since she had helped Mona with the newsletter.

V. Y2K Letter from Tulane

The letter sent from Tulane addressing Y2K compliance was discussed. It was ascertained that we received a copy because of their purchase of our directory. No action to be taken.

VI. Annual Meeting

Stenzel reported on our annual meeting to be held jointly with LUC. University of Louisiana at Monroe has done a stellar job and is handling all registration. She discussed the program. Johnson thinks Fall is a good time for the annual meeting. It is less hectic and not vying with LLA in the spring.

It was noted that if the meeting is held in the fall, that there is a shorter time for organizing a program. Nominations for new officers would need to announced earlier, so eventual officers could organize a fall meeting. By laws state that offices could be elected a least 6 months (Constitution and Bylaws Article IX, Section 1) before the term of July 1- June 30 (Constitution and Bylaws Article VI., Section 4.) Nominations need to be made by the nominations and elections committee earlier in the year.

VII. Other Business

A. NASIG Memo: Nancy Khoury announced that NASIG has given LA Serials Interest group $1000.00 to sponsor a program in Louisiana of interest to serials personnel. They have approached ACRL/LA or to co-sponsor a meeting to take place in the Fall 2000. Board members were very excited about the possibility of bringing in an outside speaker.

B. LLA Program: Discussion concerning the co-sponsorship of a program with the Academic Section at LLA this spring. Burns will ask at next LLA meeting. She asked about interest in a ACRL/LA booth in the exhibit area.

C. Volunteers: Johnson distributed list of volunteer for various committees. It was noted that the list was already out-of-date. Simoneaux volunteered to update list to be reflective of most recent membership list.

D. Directories: Griffin noted that there were 10 directories left from 2nd printing. These will be sold at the upcoming meeting. She will have one page list of corrections or an addenda available at the meeting as well. An idea about putting the directory on the web was mentioned. Privacy issues as well as loss of revenue of the directory were mentioned as possible negatives and it was decided not to follow up on this.

E. Publicity: Attaching name to program at LLA is a way to publicize our organization. The idea of using the campus contacts for publicity was also brought up. The need for press releases was discussed. LLA had an article in an Alexandria paper announcing a recent meeting and those in attendance. Amy Mather, SLIS student representative was asked to pass on all information to SLIS students at LSU.

F. Archives Kathie Bordelon reminded us to save items for archives. Patrick Webb, her assistant, will be attending the annual meeting in October and will bring any items to be archived back to Kathy.

G. Newsletter-- Next newsletter to be mailed should contain membership form and report on Fall conference.

H. Next meeting--The next meeting of the executive board will be at LLA. Nominees for office should be sent by e-mail to Rebecca Stenzel.


Respectfully submitted,

Laverne Simoneaux


September 29, 1999


* Simoneaux --Find out if the $1.00/member from national is automatic
–Send updated information for website to Magedanz
* Martin–Locate ACRL ribbons to identify ACRL members for joint meeting.
* Stenzel–Organize membership table at joint meeting.
–Convene Nominations and Elections committee to create a slate of nominees
* Paris and Mather volunteered to sit at table.
* Anna Burns volunteered staff member, Mary Connell for the Thursday,
* All volunteers at registration table--Identify campus contacts and ask to approach non-members for membership and publicize events. List of names and membership forms to each contact.
* Everyone--Send changes in names and organization to Janette Griffin
* Eric Johnson and Rebecca Stenzel--Change board meeting and Nominations to earlier time in year.