Minutes of the ACRL/LA Board meeting

June 16, 2000

Lafayette, Louisiana


In attendance:                        Nancy Khoury, McNeese; Rebecca Stenzel, Louisiana Tech; Eric Johnson, Southeastern Louisiana University; Sigrid Kelsey, Louisiana State University; Judy Irvin, Louisiana Tech; Karen Leeseberg, Nunez Community College; Janette Griffin, University of New Orleans; and Laverne Simoneaux, Southeastern Louisiana University.


Donuts were provided.



Minutes from the ACRL/LA portion of the Joint Meeting of ACRL/LA and the Academic Section of LLA of March 16, 2000 during the Spring Louisiana Library Association (LLA) Conference were read by Laverne Simoneaux (Sec/Treas,) amended and accepted as amended.


Treasurer’s Report

Report received.  Simoneaux explained the attached report.  Our balance as of June 15, 2000 is $  3044.46.



Report received.  Rebecca Malek-Wiley has included current numbers regarding memberships and some recommendations concerning greater coordination of membership and recruitment, creation of a comprehensive database and expansion of the institutional list.  Stenzel suggested a sub-committee of Malek-Wiley, Griffin, Kelsey and Simoneaux meet soon to organize the accumulation and dissemination of membership information in a searchable, printable, extractable format. 


Johnson announced that we have a vacancy on the board in the position of chair of publicity.  Simoneaux mentioned that several new members had indicated a willingness to serve ACRL/LA in some capacity.



Eric Johnson introduced Sigrid Kelsey, the new editor of the ACRL/LA Newsletter.  Sigrid said she needed suggestions for articles and news. Suggestions included blurbs concerning the National Conference to take place in Colorado in 2001 and the fall LUC/ACRL Conference to take place October 12-13 in Chalmette at Nunez and the inclusion of a membership form.


Annual Meeting


The Annual Meeting of ACRL and LUC will take place October 12-13 in Chalmette at Nunez. 

Tom Sanville from OHIO Link will be the speaker ( 90 minutes ) thanks to a $ 1000.00 grant funded by NASIG. 


“Charting the Rough Seas–Sorrows and Joys of Consortial Living”--


ACRL/LA Portion

Business Meeting

Sanville (main speaker) with follow-up panel including a LOUIS person, a Serials Person, a Funding Person and a moderator.  It was noted that one of the private institutions be included perhaps Tulane or Loyola.  Suggested participants included Susanna Powers from Tulane and Janie Branham from SLU as Moderator. 


Main sessions will be held in the auditorium; rooms available for breakout .  Lunch Culinary Arts will cater. Entertainment was discussed??


It was mentioned that a good map needs to be provided.


LUC Portion

Other suggested breakout topics include Ag-Cat –Aggregated Database Cataloging; Consortial ideas about instruction; E-cat; Using Aquisitions modules; Instruction–Opac vs. Webpac, Teaching Content vs. Interface; Deednet; Webpages and Consortial Sharing.


Prices were discussed :            $15 for one conference; $20 for both LUC and ACRL; $25 after a certain date.


Discussion about beginning times.  Registration will be available via the listserv.  It was noted that the Directory should be available for sale at this time




Adrienne Detwiler will be serving as webmaster for the ACRL/LA website.




Eric mentioned sponsoring a speaker for a program at LLA in the spring.




It was suggested to push for the new membership directory being ready for the fall meeting.  The meeting provides the perfect venue to display and sell our new directory. 


The next board meeting will be August 25.


Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,


Laverne Simoneaux



Amended 8/24/00

Accepted as Amended 8/24/00