Minutes of the ACRL/LA Board Meeting

August 24, 2000

St. Francisville, LA


Attendance:  Allison Sutton, SLIS representative; Cathy Tijerino, Publicity; Janette Griffin, Directory; Rebecca Malek-Wiley, Membership; Eric Johnson, Past President; Karen Leeseberg, President-Elect; Rebecca Stenzel, President; Adrienne Detwiler, Web Committee.



Rebecca Hamilton, the director of the East Feliciana Parish Libraries was introduced and thanked for making arrangements for us to meet in the Town Hall.  Other introductions were made; Adrienne Detwiler of McNeese was introduced as the new webmaster.



Minutes from the ACRL/LA Board Meeting held on June 16, 2000 in Lafayette were read by Laverne Simoneaux, Secretary/Treasurer, amended and accepted as amended.


Treasurer’s Report:

Report received.  Simoneaux explained report.  Our balance as of the 24th of August is $3,164.87.



Report received.  Malek-Wiley went through points and goals made in early 2000 and our progress toward goals.  There was discussion about the present state of the committee and possible changes. 


Membership recruitment was discussed.  LLA Liaison Anna Burns has been having health problems.  Discussion about asking Nancy Colyar, Academic chair of LLA, to serve as LLA Liaison, which may heighten articulation and membership between the Academic Section and ACRL/LA was decided.  First, a permanent membership committee consisting of Janette Griffin, Cathy Tijerino, Allison Sutton and Laverne Simoneaux was appointed to help Malek-Wiley with recruitment.  Secondly, identifying a liaison for each institution to help with recruitment is the next order of business.  Asking directors of each institution at the next director’s meeting to promote membership in ACRL/LA.



Janette Griffin discussed the success of the publication of the directory as a money maker and its continuation.  Leeseberg asks whether support staff should be included.  It is decided that it should just be librarian oriented.  Griffin asked for help from the board with institutional changes in address and web sites for the directory.  The institutional URLs will be added to our directory this year.  The new directories will be ready for sale at the Fall Conference.



Sigrid Kelsey was absent.  Newsletter situation discussed.


Web Page:

Adrienne Detwiler of McNeese will be updating our webpage at /acrl/index.htm.


Annual Meeting:

Karen Leeseberg discusses ACRL/LA-LUC Joint Conference will be held October 12-13, 2000 at Nunez Community College in Chalmette, Louisiana.  Tom Sanville, Director of OhioLINK, will be the guest speaker.  A grant from NASIG (North America Serials Interest Group) is allowing him to come for the meeting.  The ACRL/LA part of the conference will take place in the morning with lunch being served in the old library by the campus while Ralph Boe gives an update of LOUIS.  Library system vendors, Endeavor, ExLibris, III, and Sirsi will be available for demonstrations and information throughout both conferences.  Stenzel talked about the business meeting largely consisting of membership recruitment; identification of liaison and promotion of directory.  Discussion about getting out the information takes place.  Tijerino will help with mailing out information.  Janette asks about inclusion of a good map.  Stenzel comments about starting a tradition of ACRL/LUC being the fall conference.


LLA Copyright Workshop:

A post-conference after LLA Annual Conference will be co-sponsored by ACRL/LA Chapter, the State Library of Louisiana, the Academic Section of LLA and SOLINET.  The post-conference, COPYRIGHT IN THE AGE OF TECHNOLOGY, will be directed by Laura Gasaway, Director of Law Library and Professor of Law, University North Carolina, Chapel Hill on Tuesday, March 6.


Other Business:

Annual Report.  Eric Johnson hands out copies of this year’s annual report.  Johnson will e-mail a copy to Adrienne for the web page. 


Next meeting may be in early December in St. Francisville.


Respectfully submitted,


Laverne Simoneaux

Secretary, Treasurer



Actions to be Taken:

q       Laverne send minutes to Adrienne and update LA Chapter information for web page.

q       Karen will send Conference update information to Adrienne for web page.

q       Rebecca Stenzel will check on status of LOUIS page to promote ACRL/LA and find information about the conference.

q       Laverne and Cathy will handle mailouts of form.



ACRL Louisiana

Treasurer’s Report

October 13, 2000-December 31, 2000


Opening balance 10/13/2000                      $3,060.10




Memberships                                              $     70.00

Directories                                                  $   655.00

Conference Receipts                                   $2,160.00

      Total                                                    $2,885.00


Grand Total                                                $5,945.10




Printing of Directories                                 $   468.85

Conference Expenses                                 $1,341.43

Bank charges                                              $     20.54

      Total                                                    $1,830.82


Ending Balance 12/31/00                            $4,114.28


Conference Expenses included:


Office Depot (badges)                                $     29.34

Juneau’s Café (lunch and juices)                  $1,131.77

Randazzo’s Bakery (breakfast goods)         $     92.31

Sav-a-Center (misc. food)                          $     45.71

Exxon (ice)                                                 $       5.40

Sam’s Club (misc. food)                             $     24.90

FOL (t-shirt for speaker)                            $     12.00


      TOTAL                                                $1,341.43



Respectfully submitted,


Laverne Simoneaux








      185      Directories Printed

      -             9            Directory Committee


-     143      Delivered and Paid



-       22      Delivered and awaiting payment


        11      Left unsold



X 165

$825.00     Directory Receipts thus far

less $ 468.85 Cost for Printing


$356.15 Profit from Directories





Laverne Simoneaux

User Education Librarian

Sims Memorial Library

Southeastern Louisiana University

SLU 10896

Hammond, Louisiana  70402

Phone: 504-549-3965; Fax: 504-549-3995