Minutes of the ACRL/LA Board Meeting

October 25, 2001

Southeastern Louisiana University




Present:  Karen Leeseberg, President; Laverne Simoneaux, President-elect; Rebecca Stenzel, Past President; Fred Hamilton, LLA Academic Section Chair, Rebecca Malek-Wiley, Membership; Cathy Tigerino, Publicity; Sigrid Kelsey, Newsletter; Judy Irvin, Bylaws; Dawn Wincentsen, Student Liaison; Anne Frohlich, Webmaster; Janette Griffin, Directory; Ed Rock, ACRL workshop liaison, Ginger Bryan, Secretary-Treasurer.



The meeting was called to order at 12:15 by Karen Leeseberg, President.


Minutes of the July meeting had been electronically distributed and were approved.


Treasurer’s report was given by Ginger Bryan.  Balance as of October 24, 2001, is $3820.98.


Rebecca Stenzel congratulated the chapter on bringing a speaker to the joint conference.  She believed it was the strong point of the conference.


ALA Workshop:  Ed Rock, ACRL workshop co-coordinator, gave a report on the progress of the workshop to be held Friday, January 18, at Tulance.  Capacity is 70 participants; fifteen people have enrolled as of today.  The speakers are nongratis, but their expenses must be paid.  Some profit is expected to be made by the chapter.


After a discussion on how to use any monies made from the workshop, Rebecca Stenzel made a motion that profits from the ALA preconference workshop be used as a foundation for funding “Librarian Development Activities” for the state.  These activities could use the ACRL Immersion Program or other outside resources.  Laverne Simoneaux seconded.  The motion passed.


The President appointed Laverne Simoneaux to chair a committee to study the immersion program.


Ed Rock thanked Adrienne Detwiler, former Webmaster, for putting the information about the ALA workshop immediately on the web.


If any board member wants to volunteer to work at the workshop contact J.B. Hill or Ed Rock.


Conference Report:  Laverne Simoneaux announced that the power point presentation made by Patricia Iannuzzi will be put on SLU’s website.



Directory:  Janette Griffin announced that we need to sell any remaining directories today.


Membership:  Rebecca Maleck-Wiley reported 222 members as of October 24, 2001, She contributed the increase to online membership forms and a membership liaison from most institutions.


Laverne Simoneaux noted problems with the membership labels for mailing the conference program and newsletter.  Rebecca Maleck-Wiley will print labels and mail to those who use them or will send the database as an email attachment.


The President thanked Judy Irvin and her committee for the work on updating the bylaws.  She also thanked Ed Rock for his help with the ALA pre-conference workshop.


The meeting adjourned at 12:40.










ACRL/LA Chapter

Treasurer’s Report

October 24, 2001




Balance as of July 11, 2001                                                            $3906.57





                       Memberships                              $120.00


                                                                                                   Sub balance         $4026.57                                      





            ACRL/LA Conference

               Printing                                                $80.00

               Postage                                                  85.00



               Printing                                                  33.79

               Postage                                                    6.80



                                                                                                    Sub balance        $3820.98





Ending balance as of October 24, 2001                                                                 $3820.98




Respectively submitted,




Ginger Bryan

October 24, 2001