Conference Meeting

October 28, 2002

Northwestern State University



Laverne Simoneaux, President, introduced the ACRL/LA Executive Committee.Dennis Tucker,President-elect, introduced the Conference Committee.Dennis also announced the decision made at the June 7, 2002, Executive Committee meeting to hold the annual conference at the Presidentís home campus.This will allow a year and a half of planning instead of less than a year, as it is now.The additional time to plan the conference will be beneficial to members.


Debra Rollins, LLA past President, announced that LLA is 77 years old.She asked the group to endorse a dues increase because it has been many years since the last one and an increase is needed.Debra also asked members to attend the LLA Conference, March 18-20, 2003, in Gonzales.


Dennis Tucker announced that the ACRL/LA membership table is across from registration.Dennis then introduced Sara Laughlin, guest speaker.