To: Members of the ACRL-LA Board of Directors and ACRL-LA Members

From: Lisa Muilenburg

What: Minutes from meeting held on June 17, 2005

Date: July 18, 2005


Board Members present: Lisa Muilenburg, Mike Russo, Rebecca Malek-Wiley, Jeremy Landry, Maureen Olle, Janette Griffin, Anne Frolich, Kathie Bordelon, Alma Dawson, and Don Smith.

ACRL-LA members present: Jacqueline L. Jones, Carol Mathias, Beate Kukainis, Nancy Khoury, Michael Fontenot, Alice Daugherty, Jerome Cummings, Ashley Bonnette, Clare Castlebury, Boris Teske, Cathy Tijerino, Travis Dudley, Marie Morgan, Marilyn Hankel, Kevin Hastings-Merriman, Jessica Hutchings, Debby Williamson, Corinne Pearce, Shelby Anfenson-Comeau, Jules Tate, Michael Matthews, and Denise Goetting.

Board Members absent:  Mary Frances Marx


Meeting was called to order at 11:10 am.


1. Election:  The election committee consists of Cathy Tijerino, Janette Griffin, Marie Morgan, and Michael Russo.  The committee received three self nominated candidates; one for each position.  Nominations were taken from the floor but there were none.  It was agreed to accept nominations until the end of June. 

A motion was made to send ballots out by email and then people could either reply to the email or print and mail in their response.  Frolich made the motion to accept the email vote.  Griffin seconded.  Motion carried


2. Reports/discussion:

  1. Secretary/Treasurer Lisa Muilenburg distributed a report.  Reports will be on ACRL-LA website.  Muilenburg did ask that membership checks be sent to her after July 5th.  Mathius made a motion to accept the report.  It was seconded.  Motion carried
  2. Newsletter Michael Russo distributed a report.  There was a discussion concerning distributing the newsletter via the lists.  This would make them timelier and would eliminate most of the expense for the newsletter.  These could also be placed on the ACRL-LA webpage in PDF form.  (Noted later in the meeting: They will also be on the ACRL-LA yahoo group page).  Griffin made the motion to accept the proposal to distribute the newsletter electronically.  Tate seconded.  Motion carried.
  3. Membership Rebecca Malek-Wiley distributed a written membership report and verbally delivered a summary of it; she also had the membership information on her laptop for members to view and update.   Even if you are a national ACRL member and do not pay dues she needs everyone to update their information for the database.  She mentioned that her term as membership committee chair had expired in June 2004 and that she would like a replacement but that she would assist the new chair.  Megan Lowe and Mary Frances Marx both volunteered to work with this committee via email.  After the meeting someone will be getting with them to determine a new chair for the committee.
  4. LLA Liaison Jeremy Landry introduced himself as next year’s liaison.  He noted two upcoming events.  For the LLA conference Jude Copeland will be the academic presentations chair so please get with him if you want to present next year at LLA.  Also ALA will be in New Orleans and they will be looking for local people to work the information booth so please let him know if you can volunteer sometime to work this booth next year.  There was a request to have a joint LLA and ACRL-LA “Dutch” breakfast at next year’s LLA meeting in Lafayette.  There used to be one every year but it kind of fell aside but it is a great recruiting event. 
  5. Legislative Liaison Maureen Olle wanted clarification of the duties of this position.  The charge was read from the ACRL-LA handbook.  She agreed that she would continue to monitor the several legislative lists she is a member of and to pass on pertinent information via the yahoo list (see below).
  6. Nominations and Elections—see above item #1. 
  7. Publicity Lisa Muilenburg distributed a brief report.  She announced that there would need to be a new chair for this committee since she was running for the position of secretary/treasurer.  A couple of people sent messages that they would be interested in working on a committee and Malek-Wiley also had some names from the membership list of persons interested in serving on committees.  We will work on getting a new chair for this position after this meeting.
  8.  Archives Kathie Bordelon distributed a report and attached a “Guide to the Archives…” page.  In the report she requests all materials that are not currently being used and should be preserved.
  9. Student Liaison Claire Castlebury was introduced as the new student liaison for LSU.
  10. Directory Janette Griffin presented the idea to print the directory at least one more time because it is distributed to more than just the academic institutions and includes much more than just information about ACRl/LA members.  It was determined that is should also be available online and in the future distributed only online.  It was noted that the directory really pays for itself at $5.  It was suggested that at the next conference it be added as a non-optional cost to the program.  Everyone present agreed this would be a good idea and then we would know how many to print as well.  Griffin noted that it does take some work to keep this updated and that the more people who just submit their updated information the easier it would be to maintain the information.  However, the directory will not be updated daily (even online), there will be periodic updates—it would be way too much work for continuous updates for both the committee and the webmaster.  Mathias made a motion for one more print directory.  Tate seconded.  Motion carried.  It was decided that this issue could be voted on again in another two years.  Boris Teske will look into getting the document into a web-based report.
  11. Webmaster Anne Frolich said to continue to send information to her and she will put it on the webpage housed at McNeese.  She noted that the institution would not likely allow another institution to link itself to the McNeese site for updates (such as for the directory).  Therefore, we would need to continue sending her files and she would add the information to the page.
  12. SLIS Representative Alma Dawson reported that there were quite a few students interested in ACRL-LA student membership (especially now that it is free).  She is also looking for mentors for these students.  She noted their final SLIS accreditation report.  Alma was then congratulated by members on the recent award she received.
  13. Past President Dennis Tucker no longer lives in Louisiana and was not present.  No report.
  14. President Don Smith wanted to thank everyone for coming to today’s meeting.  It shows that there is a lot of interest in ACRL here in Louisiana.  He apologized for last year’s inactivity.  There were a lot of communication problems with Edward  Iglesias leaving suddenly.  However, this meeting proves everyone’s strong commitment to ACRL-LA.
  15. President Elect vacant because of the resignation of Edward Iglesias.
  16. Constitution and By-Laws Mary Frances Marx was absent and this was discussed below item #3.  (NOTE: Marx is also no longer the chair of this committee as her term has expired.  Therefore we also need to fill this vacancy.)


3. Constitutional Changes:

There may need to be several small changes in the constitution or the by-laws to accommodate having elections via email and for filling multiple vacancies.  It is also in the constitution still that the Vice President/President Elect hosts the conference but it was decided at a previous meeting that the President would host the meetings.


4. State Meeting/Conference:

It was decided that there should be some sort of meeting this next year even if it is a small program.  McNeese has offered to host it there in Lake Charles.  It was noted that we should meet as often as possible and that this meeting could be a kind of planning conference for the direction of ACRL-LA.  It was also suggested that we try and hook back up with LUC possibly in the future but have a separate day and not a combined meeting so we didn’t have to choose between LUC meetings and ACRL-LA meetings.   


5. Yahoo List

This item was discussed earlier in the meeting.  It was decided to maintain the list and to use it as the main source of communication for ACRL-LA.  However, announcements and publications will also be distributed still through the LALINC-L list as well.  Muilenburg asked that people wait to send a request to be on the list until July.  Muilenburg also asked for a volunteer to help monitor the list.  It was decided that Dennis Tucker should be removed as one of the list monitors since he is no longer a member of ACRL-LA.


The next meeting will probably be at McNeese.


Meeting adjourned at 12:30 pm.